Ibu-Aje Microfinance Bank Ltd.

IBU-AJE Microfinance Bank Limited was incorporated on 9th of December, 1993 as a Community Bank with Registration No. 236593.

The Bank commenced business on 4th October, 1993 and received a license from Central Bank of Nigeria on the 24th January, 2002 with Certificate No. 000229.

The Bank provides personalized financial services to small scale enterprises, various cooperative unions, organizations, corporate bodies, salary earners, contractors, school proprietors, big and small farmers, the entire Osogbo & its environs and individuals with a view to generating superior returns on the investments of shareholders.

We are committed to create a leading Microfinance Bank in Nigeria that would facilitate financial empowerment to the poor and unbanked, deliver superior values to stakeholders through a highly motivated workforce and efficient technology while remaining socially responsible.

I am very pleased to see how far the establishment of IBU-AJE MICROFINANCE BANK has progressed.

This Strategic Plan shows how IBU-AJE MfB is looking to the future, with clear, measureable objectives and solutions to address the issues affecting micro entrepreneurs, low income earners and the economically active poor. IBU-AJE MfB is already making a real difference with over 10,000 micro entrepreneurs, low income earners and economically active poor benefitting from our products and services. And there are exciting plans for further action to boost and encourage diversity of supply.

Ibu-Aje Microfinance Bank Limited

Our Products

Savings Account

Savings Account is a high interest bearing account for individuals designed to enable saving towards a specific target with monthly interest return.

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Current Account

Current Account is for business entrepreneurs and corporate organizations with access to world of convenience financial possibilities and services.

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Credit & Loans

We offer loan as a working capital for entrepreneurs and corporate organization with existing businesses to help them boost their business.

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Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is for business entrepreneurs and corporate organization with capital to invest while earning a higher rate of interest over a fixed period of time.

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Area of Service

  • Trade and commerce

    Our relationship with businesses across the Trade and Commerce sector ensures we understand their needs and enables us to stay ahead of this continually evolving sector.

  • Transport and Communication

    We work with businesses in this sector by offering a diverse range of financial products to meet the financing needs of each of them.

  • Agriculture

    We recognise the need to support agricultural companies, accelerate growth and productivity to increase their efficiency.

  • Health Care

    Health Care is important for success of daily activities. We offer support loan for your emergency health care services

  • Manufacturing

    We are committed to our role as a financial institution in supporting your business with our focus on sustainability and growth and success of your business.

  • Food processing

    We support businesses to become state of excellence in food processing. We offer access to finance, Collaboration and Advisory services that directly raise industry performance.

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